The Easy Way to Learn Indonesian for Foreigner

The Easy Way to Learn Indonesian for Foreigner

Indonesia, as one of the country which makes foreigner interesting in increasing their life quality by building the better business, open the way for the foreign people from another country to come into this Indonesia and make the corporation with the native citizen in several side even education sector. It will be the chance for those who are from another country to develop their ability in many companies which is established in Indonesia. Living in other country means have to know the culture also language of the country including living in Indonesia. Although English which always be used by foreigner has function as the international language in the world, they do not have to ignore another language especially Indonesian. It has to be admitted that learning language from another country is not easy because we have our own language in daily activity. Actually, learning bahasa Indonesia easier than another language from other country. It is because Indonesian borrows many words from several countries including English. The grammatical is not as difficult as other language, but several of them still have obstacle because they are confused to begin learning this language. Here will be explained about the easy way to learn Indonesian for foreigner. For those who want to learn Indonesian easily, we will tell you the best way to be able in speaking Indonesian.

The Easy Way to Learn Indonesian for Foreigner

  1. Make Vocabulary List

To be able in Indonesian language, memorize many vocabularies of Indonesian is the first way that you have to do. This is one of the easy way to learn Indonesian for foreigner. You will not be able to speak Indonesian if you do not know the vocabularies of this language. In memorizing Indonesian vocabularies, you are certainly not so fast remembering the entire Indonesian dictionary. Make a target to memorize new words for example remember five or more words in one day. You will be familiar with the word if diligently memorized. Do not force to remember a lot of words in a single day, a beginner is better to collect easy words and maximize the addition of word every day. Imagine how many words you will remember when you always memorize new words.

  1. Practical speaking everyday

The easy way to learn Indonesian for foreigner is doing practical speaking in your daily activity. The good communication will happen if people especially foreigner practice their ability in speaking Indonesian every day. We can see that there are many people able to speak in two languages for example the European people who have fluent in English, they have their own language but they always practice English in their activities. So, learning Indonesian is also need the constantly practical to make foreigner understand about all side of bahasa Indonesia. You are not only able to speak but also read, write, and hear the conversation in Indonesia around your environment.

  1. Find partner to practice conversation

In having ability to communicate using Indonesian language, you would not be separated from the speech and pronunciation. It would have become a major liability in using language. There will be useless if you never speak Indonesian language in communication. This should be one best easy way to learn Indonesian for foreigner. It is looking for colleagues to learn and practice. In a conversation we usually need someone like partner or teacher. Also, when you learn Indonesian language, you need to have friend so you would try a conversation in Indonesian language. This will be very useful to improve your ability every day, especially pronunciation, vocabulary, as well as listening. You will get used listen friend with Indonesian language in every communication and if you do not understand then you can discuss it with partner to learn it. Therefore, look for friends to learn who has the same goal to proficient in Indonesian language so that you can continue to train your ability to communicate in Indonesian language.

The Easy Way to Learn Indonesian for Foreigner

By doing the easy way to learn Indonesian for foreigner, you will realize that you could speak Indonesian in short time. If you need more information about the easy way to learn Indonesian for foreigner, you can contact us by telphone/SMS/WA at number 087885296161/ 081280255466 you can send us message by (SM)


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