Bahasa Indonesia Learning Strategies for Foreigner

Fluent in bahasa Indonesia even in the four aspect of language is an important thing for the foreigners who work or travel this country. Indonesia is a wonderful country for developing the business field and the international economy. Now, there have been many foreign companies and the employee from another countries who stay in Indonesia and make this country become the line to build business relation. As the national language of this country, bahasa Indonesia surely become the main way to communicate with many people in Indonesia country. However, many foreigners who stay in this country still have the less willing to learn bahasa Indonesia. Even though, it is very important especially for the expatriate who work in Indonesia. The importance of learning Indonesian language for expat make most of them decide to learn this language. It is to prevent the bad experienced while they are surrounding on the suburban areas especially Jakarta. Those who can not speak Indonesian certainly will not understand if they ask the road with local people  who use the Indonesian language, so they instead lost in the street and do not know the direction of the way home. It will be different if they are fluent in bahasa Indonesia, the bad incident would not you happenr.

For those who do not have ability in Indonesian language, will find the difficulties to face the local people. For this reason many expatriates are now beginning to realize the importance of bahasa Indonesia and start doing a variety ways to improve their ability to speak Indonesian. Indonesian courses became very popular among the foreigners who live and stay in Indonesia. For the expatriates maybe learn bahasa  Indonesia is a very difficult thing. That is why you need bahasa Indonesia teacher for foreigner  who can guide you to be proficient in using this language. Our course institution also provides the course for expat to learn bahasa Indonesia. Through bahasa Indonesia learning strategies for foreigner, you will be guided and trained fully until you are proficient in this language with a variety of medias and learning programs. In this program, you can learn how to communicate with bahasa Indonesia in the daily work and life. Level of lessons that are learned by the foreigners have to be more specific. Many things can be learned through bahasa Indonesia learning strategies for foreigner include how to write in Indonesian language, how to behave and speak well in this language, and how to communicate with the Indonesia people. In the bahasa Indonesia course for foreigner also teach the use of grammar, language culture in Indonesia as well as the foreigner used in their environment.

In addition, bahasa Indonesia learning strategies for foreigner is also very important to know in order to build your confidence in communicating by using Indonesian language. Many expatriates do not have confidence in the ability of bahasa Indonesia they have. In the course, the teacher can train expatriates in communicating with the teacher face to face and will make teaching become focus on the communication advance. Practicing continuously will be the best way fluent in Indonesian language. Then, the teachers will also know how many times per day they should practice as well as the teacher will also provide the best methods to train you in speaking bahasa Indonesia. With the Indonesian language course intensivily and orderly, you can be more confident in communicating with the local people and will not feel afraid of  many problems. Here I will explain bahasa Indonesia learning strategies for foreigner which is necessary to know in the learning process.

  • The speaking skills strategy is a strategy learning that can provide lessons for foreigner to be more fluent in bahasa Indonesia. The speaking skills strategy can be divided into:
  1. The purpose of conversational learning skills

In this learning objective, teachers will divide the students in the right level for the students’ ability in speaking Indonesian language. The level are divided into:

  • The beginner level includes a pronunciation sounds of the language, convey information, and describes the self-identity
  • The intermediate level includes the conversation in bahasa Indonesia, retelling the summary from the readings given by a teacher, conducting interviews, and convey ideas in discussions
  • The high level include playing a role in a dialogue or discussion in the learning process, as well as to follow the debate that made in the learning process.
  1. The techniques of conversational learning skills

From the bahasa Indonesia learning strategies for foreigner, it will increase your ability to speak bahasa Indonesia with different techniques of speaking skills teaching which the teacher will give a lot of techniques to facilitate student in speaking bahasa Indonesia. However, in the process of learning conversational skills, teacher will divide according to their abilities, such as:

  • The beginner level include repeating the pronunciation, retell the story, card games, interviews, memory games, the picture stories, biographies, management class, role play, game counting alphabet.
  • The intermediate level includes a dramatization, elaboration, discussion, a short speech, paraphrased, the describing pictures, biography, memory games, interviews, word games, phone games, continuing the story.
  • The high levels include dramatization, elaboration, the describing pictures, biography, memory games, discussions, interview, speeches, continuing the story, talk show, paraphrasing, and debate.

That are the bahasa Indonesia learning strategies for foreigner in the speaking ability which is divided into the different purpose and the learning techniques of bahasa Indonesia that we inform for you so that as the expatriate, you will be more easy in having a good communication in using bahasa Indonesia when you join the program of bahasa Indonesia course in our institution. As the foreigner, you do not have to be confused about how to improve your Indonesia language because the teacher will give many lesson as well as your purpose.  If you need more information about our program that will give the bahasa Indonesia learning strategies for foreigner or you want to know more about how to join this course, you can contact us through telephone/sms/WA at number 081280255466 or could send message to email . (SM)

Bahasa Indonesia Learning Strategies for Foreigner

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