Bahasa Indonesia Lesson To Your Home

Bahasa Indonesia Lesson To Your Home

The need of bahasa Indonesia becomes the most important thing for expatriate who live in Indonesia in the several purposes. The expatriate start to do some efforts for reaching their purpose to have ability in speaking bahasa Indonesia as the communication language in Indonesia. They feel from day by day that English which is usually used to support their career in Indonesia is not fully understood by all of native Indonesian. To overcome the misunderstandings and the gaps among foreigner with Indonesian native, it is better for expatriate who decide to stay in Indonesia to learn bahasa Indonesian for expatriate. Learning a new language is quite difficult for some expatriate, those with a busy schedule have a difficulty to get bahasa Indonesia lesson. Now our course have a program for you who want to learn bahasa Indonesia. We prepare bahasa Indonesia privat teacher for expatriate. The teacher will give you bahasa Indonesia lesson to your home. So you do not have to waste your time and power to reach the class. In teaching bahasa Indonesian lesson to your home, you will be given several methods that will support the learning process so it will be more effective and interactive way to follow the lessons. What is the learning methods? Methods are the ways that provide the material of lesson plans to produce best learning. Method is used to realize the strategy that has been set. The success of providing the learning strategy highly depend on how teachers use learning methods. In the bahasa Indonesia learning, especially for expatriate, there are several learning methods that are displayed by Indonesian teachers.

Bahasa Indonesia Lesson To Your Home

The types of bahasa Indonesia learning methods for expatriate

  1. Interview Method

In this method, the expatriate who learn bahasa Indonesia in all levels can already be trained to conduct interviews with fellow students or others, if the teacher gives bahasa Indonesia lesson to your home, the interview method are between teacher and student. Teacher could use this method to practice the fluent of speaking, precision and bravery in communicating. In this method, students will be asked some questions about general topics that could be used as a kind of interactive discussion.

  1. Discussion Method

Typically, the discussion method is made in a number of students in class so there will be several opinions which are risen from a topic. However, if you are interesting in attending private class, bahasa Indonesia lesson to your home in the discussion method will happen between student and teacher. It would be better for the teacher to know the weaknesses directly within personal. In this method, they pretend to resolve the case given so everyone is free to express their own opinion. To give the topic of discussion, the teacher can give some pictures or articles that could rise a question and a statement from the student.

  1. Problem Based Learning Method

Problem based learning method is highly effective for you who want to get bahasa Indonesia lesson to your home. The case study could be stories you had ever got, and explain tour way to solve of the problems. This method is more focused on issues that are meaningful to the student life, the teacher presents a problem, ask questions and open the dialogue.

  1. The method of images and pictures

Method of image and pictures is a learning method that uses images to be paired or sorted into a logical sequence. This method will be interesting for you in enjoying bahasa Indonesia lesson to your home. This method has the advantage for teachers, it will be more informed about the capacity of students to understand the meaning of the image.

Bahasa Indonesia Lesson To Your Home

These methods can be material preparation or support the learning process for expatriate who want to learn bahasa Indonesia. If you need any information about bahasa Indonesia lesson to your home, you can contact us by number telphone/SMS/WA 087885296161 / 081280255466 send email through (SM)


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