Bahasa Indonesia Private Teacher for Japanese in Jakarta

In this era, people from another countries begin to have interesting in bahasa Indonesia. It will be the way for Indonesia country to face the international relationship and becomes one of the important country in international corporate. As the country that has the high development, Indonesia has been a main target for the foreigner to step forward in having the best career. Most of them decide to live or stay then have a good career in this country. Learning bahasa Indonesia for expat is the mainly need for them who have the different purposes in this country. Since several time, the situation shows that there are many expat come to Indonesia, it becomes the advantage for the teacher of bahasa Indonesia for expat. Last time, bahasa Indonesia teacher gave the Indonesian lesson only for the formality or as the service from Indonesian government to give the student from another country information about the language Indonesian culture. Also, the study about bahasa Indonesia for several years ago was only for teaching student in another country who wanted to know about bahasa Indonesia. Now, bahasa Indonesia is famous in the expat life because they have duties or job in the area of this country. They must have the good communication with native citizen. They start to find teacher for bahasa Indonesia and study about it. However, there are still many thing that must be developed in bahasa Indonesia for expat learning system.

Learn Indonesian is not difficult such as those which expatriat conceive previously. If they get a teacher which can guide and the construct them better and effective. Here we provide the program of bahasa Indonesia private teacher for Japanese in Jakarta to assist you in mastering Indonesian. With the flexible and effective learning process, we are able to overcome your difficulty in learning Indonesian language. Indonesian is a need for expatriat who live Indonesia to communicate in their work environment and also the place they live. It will be a problem if expatriat in Indonesia cannot master Indonesian language. Learn the national language of this country by joining the program bahasa Indonesia private teacher for Japanese in Jakarta not only teach how to have formal Indonesian, but we will teach the expatriat Indonesian which associate with often weared by the local society generally. The from this language is not all of Indonesian people are correct and good Indonesian in the society environment, they more tend to use Indonesian which associate with nonformal. Here we will a lot of focussed for you to master the ordinary Indonesian said by a local resident, but we also will teach the you how to comport and your gesture in communicating with the native people. Way of such we will differentiate in course of learning as the need of Japanese in using this language, like how to communicate with the office friend, how to converse among society, how to say the real correct word at one who its age brought or above expatriat, and what have to be used when medium look out on superior in office. All study items will be explained clearly by bahasa Indonesia private teacher for Japanese in Jakarta at the time of study process take place.

As we know, the good system will be the way for teacher to give the knowledge for students. That’s why many institution which have bahasa Indonesia private teacher for Japanese in Jakarta learning program choose to make their own structure about bahasa Indonesia lesson. The government should realize about the condition of bahasa Indonesia learning which is still in the low system. It is not balance with the increase of people who have interesting in learning bahasa Indonesia for expat. For developing bahasa Indonesia for expat learning program, the government and the ministry of education need to pay attention several things that will be the main step for creating the curriculum system of bahasa Indonesia learning for expat. We have to concern about a lot of thing such as :

  1. Learning method

By delivering the knowledge about bahasa Indonesia for expat, the creating of lesson material is the main process so that the learning condition will be effective. The level of learning bahasa Indonesia is also different for the expatriate. It will be better if the lesson material have to be suitable with the need of student in learning bahasa Indonesia.


  1. Teacher

Teacher is the main object to run the learning process. It is still be a big problem because the teachers of bahasa Indonesia for expat still have no good training and the level of quality is a bit low. During this time, the teacher of bahasa Indonesia for expat never run the qualification test because the program of bahasa Indonesia learning for expat is still not be the official job in Indonesia. This case is not balance with the increasing of foreigner who have interesting in bahasa Indonesia.

  1. Kurikulum

Unfortunately, Indonesia still does not have the official curriculum to the learning of bahasa Indonesia for expat. However, the lesson must include some aspects with the purpose that student will know more about the language, even by the linguistic aspect. From the best curriculum, we hope the expat are able to use bahasa Indonesia in their daily activities and they could worth the language culture from Indonesia.

  1. Facility

The effort of increasing the quality lesson bahasa Indonesia for expat have to be balanced by the learning facility such as a recommended book for learning bahasa Indonesia. The book have to be filled with the interesting text also the CD for listening section.


For supporting the development process of bahasa Indonesia system, our course have the learning bahasa Indonesia private teacher for Japanese in Jakarta program with the new method and it will be useful for expat to have ability in speaking Indonesian. If you need any information about bahasa Indonesia course, you can contact us by Phone/SMS/WA at number 087885296161/ 081280255466 or you can send email through (SM)

Bahasa Indonesia Private Teacher for Japanese in Jakarta

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