Exam Material For UKBI Test

The material of UKBI is the usage of Bahasa Indonesia in all situations such as: history, culture, law, tchnology and economy. The material is coming from any sources not only daily but also writing in mass media, guide books, and public places.

With these material, UKBI tests the skill of one to communicate in speaking and writing in Bahasa Indonesia. The skills can be measured by the ability of listening, reading, writing and speaking also the knowledge about Bahasa Indonesia’s grammar. Based on those skills, UKBI contains five sections:

Section 1 Listening
This aims to measure the ability of understanding information that is expressed by orally not only dialogue form but also monolog. This contains 40 numbers with 25 minutes.

Section 2 Responding The Grammar
To aim to measure the ability of responding the usage of the grammar such as, spelling, words, and sentence. Contains 25 numbers with 25 minutes.

Section 3 Reading
To aim of the ability of comprehending the reading. 40 number with 45 minutes.

Section 4 Writing
To aim the ability of the usage Bahasa Indonesia in writing based on information from table or picture of diagram. To write 200 words in 30 minutes.

Seksi 5 Speaking
To aim the ability of usage Bahasa orally based on information from diagram, table, atau pictures. One number only with 15 minutes to express idea orally.

Source : http://badanbahasa.kemdikbud.go.id/ukbi/v2/index.php/materi-uji

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