How Do I Learn Indonesian Language in Indonesia?

Bagaimana Saya Belajar Bahasa Indonesia ?

How Do I Learn Indonesian Language in Indonesia?

The Republic of Indonesia is one of the country that becomes a place of foreign investors and workers to conduct the business and job in order to get the good careers and higher profits. Talking about Indonesia is certainly reflected in our minds that this country has a variety of cultures, ethnicities and languages, then united with the national language, Indonesian language. For the foreigner who come to Indonesia for several reasons such as seeking for job or only for travelling, they would always face the native citizen to communicate and have the social life with the citizen of Indonesia. Maybe some people from other countries think that mastering the English is enough used to build the good relationship with Indonesian people. Though, for living in a foreign country, we need to be able in speaking the language from the country to avoid the gap with the native citizens. This case is same if the foreigner choose Indonesia as the destination for them, they would need to learn the Indonesian language as an effective communication way with the Indonesian people who live in the environment around them. The foreigner who decide to stay in Indonesia should not only rely on English as their communication way with the people surrounding environment because not all of Indonesian people are able to speak English well, moreover there are still a lot of Indonesian people could not speak and even they do not understand about English.

Because of that reason, the foreigner are interesting to learn bahasa  Indonesia  considering their goals which they want to reach in this country. Bahasa Indonesia is not only learned by the foreigners living in Indonesia but also learned by people who are in another country who are interested in knowing about Indonesia either culture, customs of the tribes, and the variety of the source in Indonesia. Indonesian language is also as one of the school subjects in a few countries in the world. “How do I learn bahasa Indonesia”? Maybe that’s the question from you when you want to learn the language of this country. Bahasa Indonesia development for foreigners has been very good if we see it from a number of course institutions and education centers that have the program of teaching bahasa Indonesia for the foreigner. So if you want to learn Indonesian language, one of the best way is to join the private course by requesting the professional teacher from our course institution to deliver their knowledge about his language. There are several levels in learning Indonesian language, the beginner level, intermediate level and advanced level. How do I learn bahasa Indonesia? The question can be answered depending on your capabilities to understand bahasa Indonesia for communicating. Beginner level is the level for foreigner who never know about bahasa Indonesia before and they start to learn from the basic. The middle level is a level that the foreigners who have a few ability in understanding about Indonesian language but there are still a lot of words and sentences are wrong when they speak with other people. In this case, learning bahasa Indonesia for those foreigner who are in the middle level is not too difficult because they only learn about how to emphasize the correct word in a sentence their ability to communicate in this language would be fixed from the pattern of the sentences. The advance level is a level where you just need a little lesson about Indonesian language. Here the bahasa Indonesia learning strategies that can be used to improve the learning skills of the foreigner. The skills that I will explain are about two important aspects of learning language, such as:

  1. The ability in listening aspect
  • Pay attention about what the teacher taught in the learning process in order to increase your ability to get to the words or vocabulary of bahasa Indonesia spoken by teacher that give you the lesson.
  • Listen to what the teacher say in both dialogue and the story in bahasa The listening ability could also be improved by listening the conversations of Indonesian language through the audio-visual media that have been prepared by the teacher..
  • Outlining the tasks in listening from the teaching materials to improve your understanding to get what you have heard from the conversation and improve your ability to pronounce Indonesian words so you could say it fluently and clearly.
  • Noting the content or form of the language used by the teacher in the learning process.
  • There are several models and ways of listening you need to know such as giving perception is to distinguish the voice words of this language and recognize it. Analyzing is to identify grammatical and pragmatic that is spoken by teacher in Indonesian language. Synthesising is to connect a language mark with other marks.
  • The purpose of listening is to understand the content of the conversation and the various types of statements either in the form of narrative, description, argumentation, exposition, and persuasion
  1. The ability in speaking aspect
  • Using the words or vocabulary that have been mentioned by the teacher before, to make you able in pronounce te words you read it in order to improve the ability to speak in Indonesian By following the instruction of the teacher you would not have the question from your mind about “How do I learn bahasa Indonesia”?, because you will realize that the teacher always help you in learning process.
  • Remember the pattern of the previous sentence that spoken by teacher about the discourse in the Indonesian language. In this case, the ability to remember are very important in order to improve the way you speak in bahasa Indonesia.
  • Use the same sentence pattern when the teacher gave the example of sentence by speaking, try to notice and pay attention the pattern and the accent of the spoken, and then try to imitate and pronounce it. Do you still want to ask about the question “How do I learn bahasa Indonesia”? Here you could find the answer.

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