How To Teach Foreigners In Learning Indonesian Conversation In Setia Budi Jakarta

How To Teach Foreigners In Learning Indonesian Conversation In Setia Budi Jakarta

Setiabudi is one of the high-class area located in Jakarta, close to Kuningan area, Setiabudi is also be main pillar of economic growth and political system of Indonesian country. Some embassy offices also government institutions are located in this area. As the centre of the development city in the capital of Indonesia, Setiabudi becomes one of the main destinations for foreigner to develop their abilities in the work field. The area that is known as the Golden Triangle line, becomes the most potential and strategic place because it is close to several areas such as Sudirman, Kuningan, and Menteng. No wonder, many foreigners are interested to make Setiabudi area as the main goal to build a best career in the future. However, again and again, the language is one of the main point to create a family atmosphere and warm condition among Indonesian people and foreigners living in this area. This is very crucial because language has the function to determine the right way of a relationship. Foreigners need to make a maximum effort to get a goal when they stay in one of the potential region as Setiabudi. They have to learn Indonesian to make the conversations with many local residents.

How To Teach Foreigners In Learning Indonesian Conversation In Setia Budi Jakarta

This requirement becomes the main thing for teachers in Indonesia to build their trust that they will be able to speak Indonesian. Teaching Indonesian in the level of conversation requires the skill and creative way to make students able in using Indonesian for communication. If the teacher gives lesson with the same pattern in every meeting, the students will get bored and not even interested in learning Indonesian conversation. Therefore, teachers must create the new things to attract students in a learning Indonesian. Moreover, teachers also need to know the level of foreign student needs to use Indonesian in their daily life. Each level has different needs, for example, the adult level would require a conversation that leads to the work field and diplomatic sector, and vice versa, level school students have different needs too. So we need to know how to teach foreigner in learning Indonesian conversation, such as by using these ways:

  1. Provide an explanation about the culture and the general habit that owned by the Indonesian people, especially in the area of Jakarta.
  2. Introduce the vocabulary that are most frequently used by many local people as well as give them the chance to practice their pronunciation.
  3. Make the fun learning in every meeting with a variety of creative media such as laptops, the colour paper that has been set up, drawing, puzzles, or any media for listening like headset and speaker.
  4. In this case, the creativity of a teacher is very important to create a conducive learning of Indonesian conversation.
  5. Provide variety of interesting topics as conversation subjects and suit to the needs of students, for example, give the topic of the film or how to make a presentation. From the topics, we as teachers can develop their ability to speak by giving several questions for them.
  6. Ensure that each meeting should have an element of listening, writing, reading, and speaking so that every aspect can be trained in every meeting.

How To Teach Foreigners In Learning Indonesian Conversation In Setia Budi Jakarta

Through some of these ways, teachers are expected to provide creative and fun lessons to improve foreign students’ ability to communicate in Indonesian. Generally, the pattern used in Indonesia is not as difficult English conversation so that everyone could almost understand what foreigner say when they talk to local people. The creative teacher will make foreigner proficient in speaking Indonesian more quickly because the ways they use in teaching are very easy and pleasant to remember many words. For the foreigner, do not hesitate to take a private course to learn Indonesian conversation with flexible time.

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