How to teach Indonesian language to expatriates?

Most of offices in Indonesia right now is hiring expatriates as their core staffs, the most common issue in a corporate / office do that thing is: communication. Before those workers go to Indonesia, usually they taught to able how to say some of greeting words (hello = halo, good morning = selamat pagi etc) and hopefully they can communicate with other workers with a daily routines in their office. That assumption is completely wrong, because some of the workers in Jakarta are to shy to speak with expatriate because they will think the expatriate will laughing at his so-so speaking skill in English and also they’re afraid if they do grammatical errors due to nervous.

Some people said that, if we are not able to speak in English, we could use body language to do communication with a person that doesn’t understand with our mother tongue, we can use this theory also, but this way will not helpful if we are in a meeting, interviewing, discussing or making some projects. Body language basically is a expressive way to say something. For example, we nod our head to say “Yes”, we shrug our shoulders to say “I don’t know.”, move our hand to left and right to say either “No” or “Bye bye”.

That method I sin the between of right or wrong, but they won’t understand if the Indonesian workers speak with slang words, and usually Indonesian workers don’t speak with formal words to their work mates except with their superiors. This issue will lead misunderstanding or miss-communication which create a negative aura in a working place, worse a gossip. To avoid that kind of issue, we Excellent Private Center (EPC) provides a service to teach Indonesian language for expatriates so they will able to speak and understand in Indonesian.

Our focus is to teach expatriate is teach them some words and sentences which useful in daily life. Not only in daily life, our tutors mainly focus to teach the expatriates Indonesian language that always spoken in working field everyday. Many companies which hiring expatriate, they contacted us and asked if we could teach Indonesian language to their native workers, we fulfilled their request and the result is both of the company and the native speakers are totally satisfied.

We have many professional and experienced teachers, so the student wont get bored during the session. The students will be fun and relax during the lesson, because before the teacher do the teaching, the teacher will get a tutor how to teach an expatriate and how to deal with some kind of problems that will happens, one of the most happens is, the student is too shy to speak with other workers. How to solve with this kind of problem? To solve this kind of problem is quite easy, based on our teacher experience he asked to his student (The student is an expatriate from Perth, Australia named Ben) to just say “Selamat malam.” to the staffs where he stays everyday and this has to be that student habitual. At his apartment, the teacher asked the student to order his dinner using Indonesian and the student for the first time is too shy so he used English, for the next days, the student encourage himself to speak in Indonesian to order his dinner. With this kind of event, we could see that our teacher is not only teaching a language, but also motivate the student to speak up in order to make the student’s pronunciation and conversation much smoother. Another trick to solve another problems can be solved by our senior tutors.

Some companies in Jakarta are not 100% hiring staff that understand foreign language like: English, Chinese, Korean or maybe Japanese. With so many foreigners like that in one office, some staff will hardly to do communication, more over if expatriate who doesn’t use English as their first language. With this issue, they will always do the gathering with the office workers who came from the same country only. To avoid that issue, we EPC is not only for expatriate that use English as their language. There are some students who originally come from China, Korea and Japan. Don’t worry, because EPC also has some teacher who able to speak in different language except English, so if the client is from Japan, EPC will provide a teacher who able to speak in 3 languages, Japanese, English and Indonesian.

Of course, in one company they are not only hiring only one expatriate, the company will have more than one expatriate, maybe four of them. With our experienced teacher in handling the students aspect, our teachers are able to teach more than one students in one class. If the companies using this way, the conversation section will become easier also the students will encourage each other to speak up. For the schedule, mostly the time will be held right after work time (approximately 18.00 or 18.30), one and a half an hour each meeting and the day of the session is based on the student’s availability.

EPC is the best solution to teach Indonesian language for the expatriates. Our goal is to make the student could adapt with their working atmosphere, so the lesson will mainly about daily activities and daily conversation in working place. Not only conversation, our teacher also provides other teaching media like audio. They will use laptops and play some simple songs (mostly children songs) to make the students easier to remember the vocabularies. For the conversation, to create an ice-breaker, the teachers from EPC have some tips and trick to make the class more live.

Is teaching an expatriate challenging you? Are you interested to joining our team? This is your lucky chance, EPC is also hiring for an experienced teacher or fresh graduate who has passion in teaching, quick call for those who able to speak in foreign language discipline, hard willing person, eager to learn something new, flexible in time and place around Jabodetabek. Please send your CV / resume to:


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