Indonesian Private Tutors for British Expatriates in Jakarta

As a foreigner, how many times have you visited Indonesia? Or are you staying in Indonesia? If you are a British Expatriate who is living in Jakarta for a long time, how’s your Indonesian? Are you able to communicate in Indonesian? With a good communication skill you will get the right information in your work places or society. That’s why mastering the language is very important.

To fulfill your need in learning Indonesian for expatriates, especially British Expatriates, our institution came for you. Expatriate Indonesia provides Indonesian private tutoring for foreigners, including British Expatriates who are living in Jakarta. Since it’s forming in 2009, our institution has developed very rapidly.

Our institution has several advantages, so it always becomes the first choice to study. Professional teachers, creative and has very good teaching methods will guide you to be able to speak Indonesian fluently. You can decide the materials that you will learn. Whether its the daily conversations or business purposes. The study method is Communicative Approach, where student will be more active in conversation when learning with the materials that have been adapted with the needs and learning targets.

The flexible study schedule gives you room to adjust with your daily activities. About the cost, you don’t have to worry, you can negotiate it with our administration. With all the convenience and comfort that we offered, you won’t regret to studying with us. For more information, please contact us: Phone/Text/WA : 0896-3361-2364 and BB PIN 522A9C6B or email: With subject: Private Teacher Needed.

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