Indonesian Private Tutors for Egyptian Expatriates in Jakarta

Expatriate Indonesia came to Jakarta to help the expatriates who want to learn and master Indonesian. Some of them learned Indonesian so they just need to make themselves more fluent but there are also some of them who knows nothing about Indonesian. You don’t have to worry, we are willing to help you to be more fluent in Indonesian.

Since its forming on 2009, Expatriate Indonesia has been successfully teaching expatriates from various countries such as America, Netherlands, Japan, India, etc, to study Indonesian. We provide lots of study program for students, employees and housewives. We will give the various materials depending on the students needs. The study method is Communicative Approach, where student will be more active in conversation when learning with the materials that have been adapted with the needs and learning targets.

The study schedules are very flexible. Our teachers will come to your house according to the schedules that we arrange before. Experienced teachers will give you the opportunity to learn faster. The way our teachers convey the materials with their creativity and does not scold your mistake, won’t get tired of learning. For more information, we provide the services by: Phone/Text/WA : 0896-3361-2364 and BB PIN 522A9C6B or email: With subject: Private Teacher Needed.

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