Indonesian Private Tutors for Taiwanese Expatriates in Jakarta

Not only Indonesians who are working overseas but also there are lots of foreigners who are working in Indonesia, one of them is Taiwanese. They are living in Indonesia and mingle with the local citizens. The Taiwanese expatriates living in Jakarta have various professions. To be able to interact in the work place and society the ability to speak Indonesian is necessary. Mastering the local language where you are living is important. The communication goes well, you can get the right information and the relationship with the society will be harmonious.

For you who want to learn Indonesian and living in Jakarta, Expatriate Indonesia provides private tutoring for foreigners including Taiwanese expatriates. With affordable cost, you will get quality materials. You can arrange the study schedules yourself, so if you are not able to come you can change it into another day. And also the materials that we will learn, you can discuss them with the teachers. The study method is Communicative Approach, where student will be more active in conversation when learning with the materials that have been adapted with the needs and learning targets. With this method, we guarantee you will be fluent in Indonesian quickly.

Don’t you know, the teachers in our Institution are very professionals, experienced and graduated from reputable Universities in Indonesia. Their abilitiy has been tested by teaching the expatriates from various countries. Their creativities will make you comfortable in learning Indonesian. Please contact us : Phone/Text/WA : 0896-3361-2364 and BB PIN 522A9C6B or email: With subject: Private Teacher Needed.

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