Learning Indonesian in Jakarta

Learning Indonesian in Jakarta

Hallo for all expatriate who lived in Jakarta, we open the Indonesian study program for expatriate. We realize that the busy work time of expatriate in Jakarta area make them have difficulties in learning Indonesian. Actually, the expat realize that learn Indonesian is necessary if they decide to stay in this country. It has become common issue that the Indonesian development is more advanced and increased with a number of people from other countries to learn the language and culture of Indonesia. The foreigners still do not have fluent in speaking Indonesian. They could not avoid this language and still use English for communication, it is the problem that are not all of Indonesian people understand in English. Inevitably, they have to start learning Indonesian in Jakarta. We will present the effective Indonesian learning for those who want to explore Indonesian. Not only that, we have great expectations for this program that can create the foreigners who have begun to understand the language and culture of Indonesia. In our institution, learning Indonesian in Jakarta has been very competent because our teachers are trained by educators who have been very professional in their field. The foreigners who want to learn, do not have to worry about a variety of things that will occur in the future.

In organizing the Indonesian learning in Jakarta, there are several things we would emphasize to the teachers for the learning process. The things that we always emphasize on teachers who will give the Indonesian learning for foreigner are as follows:

Learning Indonesian in Jakarta

  1. Emphasizing the goal of learning programs

Learning Indonesian in Jakarta which is created by our course is to help the expatriate who have difficulties in having communication with native citizen. The program emphasizes the success of the students in understanding what is being taught. This program must achieve a goal that is able to provide the students about ability in using Indonesian. Those who study Indonesian for expat are expected to be able to communicate with the Indonesian people after joining the program.

  1. The interesting material

Indonesian study materials for foreigners is actually very easy to make. It requires the creativity of teachers without finding the source or guide books. They did need a book but it will not be a reference that is always taught as a source of book. We have a highly professional teachers and provide learning materials which is interesting for students. Our teachers will adapt learning materials to the areas occupied by foreigner and focus on their goal of learning Indonesian in Jakarta.

  1. Provide assessment study skills

In the Indonesian language learning, there are the weakness and the ability from expat. Learning Indonesian in Jakarta will give a chance for teacher to evaluate or assess the the capabilities of foreigners who learned Indonesian. It will be an evaluation matter for teachers about the way they teach and find a solution to achieve improvement of learning and teaching. Our course will focus on the end result in the process of learning Indonesian in Jakarta for expat.

Learning Indonesian in Jakarta

The ability of Indonesian communication for foreigner will give them a chance to establish the relation between them and native Indonesian. Learning Indonesian in Jakarta with a client in our course will be very effective to facilitate the expat in getting many information about Indonesia not only language but also culture. For more information about learning Indonesian in Jakarta for foreigners, please contact us as a provider of Indonesian professional teachers via telphone / SMS / WA to number 087885296161/081280255466 or you can send a message via email excellentprivat@gmail.com. (SM)



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