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Expatriate Indonesia Many foreigners in Jakarta. What are they doing? Many. Some works, some get vacation, etc. Then, what about their skill of Bahasa? Some can speak daily well, some cant. Some just understand but can reply or respond.

To see the fact, we conclude that Bahasa is needed by them. Why? Not all people in Indonesia or in Jakarta can speak English. Right? In this case, learning Bahasa becomes important. Not only that, in the office, they should speak Bahasa to get communication better between their staff. Alhough we know that in the general office that has expatriate as a boss, the English is a must. However, if the expatriates can speak Bahasa, it will be easier to both of them in communication. People will respect and be proud because their boss can speak Bahasa well.

The question is, what is the best way to learn bahasa? The best way that can make the foreigners get confident to speak in Bahasa? Nowadays, so many courses or institutions hold the learning of Bahasa.

As our experience for 9 years, we found that communicative approach is the best way to learn Bahasa. It approves that the foreigners can speak Bahasa easily with this method. The path of listening and speaking makes the students get accustomed to speak Bahasa. This method allows the teachers to motivate the students speak with several dialogues in the real situation or the topic that students really need in the office and daily communication. So, different students will get different material based on their skill, their needs, their occupation and their job.

We have experienced tutor who can teach the students Bahasa. The suitable material and the skill of tutor in teaching will bring the students to get easy in learning Bahasa. Also, the commitment of the students to study hard.

Wanna try? Please dont hesitate to call us at 087885296161 (sms/wa).

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