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Indonesia is one of the strong pillars in terms of economy at SEA (South East Asia). Surrounded by many oceans and other countries, make this country very easy to do an exchange product from one country to another country, mostly with Singapore and Malaysia. With strategic location and easy to get here, no wonder many expatriate willing to work in Indonesia. As time passed, and Bali become one of the strong destination for tourist from outside of Asia, the became fall in love with Indonesian culture and slowly try to learn Indonesian language and culture. Language and culture is like a coin, they have two sides in one media. Indonesia, where is a place that has many countries and islands, have their own culture, either in language, songs, dances, and foods. Wherever you go in Indonesia, you will have to learn their mother tongue first before you learn their regional language.

In order to get a certain visa to prolong their time so they can stay a little bit longer ni Indonesia, we can found many expatriates are trying to get a work in Indonesia, some job that they often to apply is to become an English teacher, manager of an office, consultant, translator, or even a host in television program. Major problem that we will encounter if we hire expatriate to work with us is one other than communication. Human can not survive by it’s own, they must socialize in order to survive. That is why many company provide private tutor for expatriate in Indonesia for those expatriates so they can interact with the other workers for they working daily activity. As everyday they learn how to speak in Indonesia, they will have symbiosis mutual-ism which very good for the company where the expatriate works. With a good communication skill and understand what other worker said, the atmosphere in working place will very conductive and productive.

Finding a private tutor for expatriate in Indonesia is quite simple for the recent times, searching for a tutor is very easy but, find the good one is difficult, because ever teacher has their own way to teaching, by that some students will get bored and losing his / her willingness to study. Here, at Excellent Private Center we provide experienced teachers who could teach professionally. Before we go to how to find a good teacher, we will show you how we provide our tutor to some of companies which hire an expatriate. First we will make a deal about the time allocation and where the tutor should come to the client’s  preference place (residence, office or they could conduct a lesson at cafe / restaurant). for expatriate families who are abroad for the first time to Indonesia, we suggest to learn Indonesian language for about 10 meetings, because they eventually will get same communication matter if they do not understand any Indonesian words, worse they could be scammed. They could solve this matter by studying Indonesian language instead get a translator to help them every moment which cost more money.

Now, we will show you how to find a good private tutor for expatriate in Indonesia.


  • A tutor should be an ice breaker, energetic, cheerful and acknowledge with a certain thing which easier to get student’s attention
  • Tutors must encourage them every meeting, give them drill, role-play, interaction with his / her other working staffs so the student will understand with daily vocabularies that they often use in work place.
  • Pay close attention to student attention, when the student is spacing out, good tutors already know what they must do to get their attention back to the lesson.
  • Send a report to his / her manager or assistant and give the student some feed back. If the student is lack with something the tutor must tell him / her or give an exercise about that matter so their lack will fully covered.

That’s a few of the many ways to find a good private tutor for expatriate in Indonesia. Hopefully this article could be useful. For an expatriate who wants to learn more about how to do the communication using Indonesian in the working place, you can send an sms or whatsapp to Miss Ika (+62 812-8025-5466) or Miss Nur (+62 857-1618-6634). Also, if you are interested to become an Indonesian teacher, kindly to send a resume to we challenge those who has a passion, strong willingness to teach, eager to learn something new, discipline and capable in team work to join our team. We also open this recruitment for the fresh graduate also.

Thanks for reading the article of private tutor for expatriate in Indonesia


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