The tutor is nice. I like the explanation of lesson. The power of the tutor is persistence, integrity, cheerfulness. Niels Heyer (German)

We love it (learning). Thank you for coming! Conny and Damon (German)

“It is very helpful and fruitful to learn bahasa to stay and work in Indonesia. The tutor is a good teacher. We would like to have another week of bahasa classes. Terima kasih.” (Ishwar B Thakkar, Jakarta)

Learning Bahasa Indonesia classes are very good. The teaching is so nice by the tutor. But still we need 1 more week class to be taken so that we get more fluency in Bahasa Indonesia. Terima kasih.” (Sudhir Gaikwad)

It started difficult, but then became easy. The teaching method and tutor’s way of explanation are very nice. A good teacher. How however it should have continued for one more week.” (O.D.Parashar)

It is very good for us to learn Indonesian language. Tutor teaches us very nicely. We learn very much new things by tutor about new language. But this is not enough for us. We want to learn more lessons. Thank you.” (Vishva Ishwar Thakkar)

“Thank you for my lesson of bahasa Indonesia. I have poor English language and it’s difficult to understand but you are teaching me with persvering and smile.Thak you again.” (Imamura, Jakarta)

The tutor makes the learning fun and is always happy. I have learnt a lot in this short time and i will continue to learn.  ” (Lee Chambers, Cilandak)

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  1. Linda Purnamasari Reply

    Saya tertarik untuk melamar menjadi guru bahasa Indonesia. Usia saya 47 tahun. Apakah saya bisa mengirimkan lamaran. Saya lulusan sastra Inggris dan Kajian Amerika. Selama ini saya menjadi dosen bahasa Inggris dan penulis. Terima kasih.

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