The Right Way to Learn Bahasa Indonesia

The Right Way to Learn Bahasa Indonesia

The phenomena of the foreigner increasing who visit or live in Indonesia country become one of the way for this country to open the corporation with other countries for developing the economic system of Indonesia. Now day, Indonesia has been known as the country which has many potential things to build the best career in the future, make the economic, politic, also the education corporation that always happen in every year such as providing the scholarship to Indonesian student who want to study abroad or the foreign student who want to know more about this country by studying in educational institution in Indonesia. Living in a country especially Indonesia, mustbe able to speak in the language of his country although only could communicate in the easy conversation that is generally used in public place. Learning the language and culture of the country you live is the important thing to create the good relationship with the local citizens. It is because all the thing that you will do in Indonesia get the support from the people around you. However, several of foreigners think that learning bahasa Indonesia is very difficult. Otherwise, most of them assume that bahasa Indonesia is one of the easy language in the world that could be learned so fast. Indonesia country now has become the interesting place for the foreigner because the rich of resources from this country such as various language and culture, the unique and beautiful landscape, also the rich of human resources. For the foreigner, living in Indonesia is a thing that could give them advantage not only in the career but also the knowledge about this country. Therefore, the foreigner think that learning bahasa Indonesia is the important thing to make the interactive communication with the native citizens of this country.

The Right Way to Learn Bahasa Indonesia

Unfortunately, there are many foreigner who have a bit difficulties to find the way in learning bahasa Indonesia. It is because their busy time with many activities every day that make them forget to learn and they do not have time to think about learning this language. Moreover, they do not know the right way to learn bahasa Indonesia and it will be their obstacle in understand this language. Finally, for those who could not speak in bahasa Indonesia still choose using the international language, English, as the language for communicating with Indonesian people. It will be the big problem because there is only half of Indonesian people be able to communicate in English. This case would cause the gap between native citizens of Indonesia with the foreigner because they are afraid of the misunderstanding. As the foreigner, you have to find the right way to learn bahasa Indonesia because you will always face this language every time during you stay in this country. Be able to communicate in bahasa Indonesia would give you the big advantage in creating the good relationship with the people around you. What are the right way to learn bahasa Indonesia? Let’s see about this explanation.

The Right Way to Learn Bahasa Indonesia

  1. Create the bank of vocabulary

Creating the bank of vocabulary in the several ways that are effective for you is the main thing as the way for you to be able in speaking bahasa Indonesia. You will not be able to communicate well if you only know a few of vocabularies. Because in this case, the vocabulary is the main way in the language so you could communicate in a language from a country. So, make the bank of vocabulary by using your gadget or find the application which will save the words you know before. It will make you easy to remember the words you have. Then collect several words every day to add your vocabulary so that you will not be confused if some day there will be a person mention the same word around you.

  1. Learning with the teacher

You need to know that learning bahasa Indonesia will not be effective if you do it by yourself because there are many information about the culture that it would not be got in detail.  Otherwise, you will add the knowledge and many information about this country by learning bahasa Indonesia with the teacher. You could choose to come to the bahasa Indonesia course place or join the private course by choosing the flexible time and place. With the professional teacher, you would be directed to learn bahasa Indonesia in the structural way so your ability in speaking bahasa Indonesia will be better. It will be the right way to learn bahasa Indonesia and you could get the maximum result in the short time.

  1. Practice with your partner

Living in another country will certainly face many Indonesian people, it will be the best thing to practice your ability in bahasa Indonesia. Do the conversation in bahasa Indonesia every day with your partner in office, neighbour, or the Indonesian people you know. Do not use English that is usually used as international language if you want to be fast in communicating bahasa Indoneisa. It will be the right way to learn bahasa Indonesia if you always use this language in your daily activity.

The Right Way to Learn Bahasa Indonesia

Learning bahasa Indonesia could be done everywhere with the partner in work place or maybe with people you meet around your environment. However, it is suggested to learn bahasa Indonesia with the teacher so you would be fluent in this language with the right structure and also you will know more about the language culture. You will get the strategy and motivation from the teacher so the learning spirit in your mind will be higher than before. The teacher creativity will also make you feel comfort in learning this language. There are many right ways to learn bahasa Indonesia and you could choose which one better for you. If you need more information about the right way to learn bahasa Indonesia and the course program, you can contact us by telephone/SMS/WA at number 087885296161/ 081280255466 or you can mail by (SM)


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