Tips to teach bahasa Indonesia for foreign speaker

Tips to teach bahasa Indonesia for foreign speaker

The career of bahasa Indonesia teachers for foreign speaker is increasingly becoming the potential career since public system allow foreigners from other countries, especially Asia to work and build a business in Indonesia. Many foreigners are enthusiast to learn bahasa Indonesia for doing communication with the native citizen and build a lot of new network in several areas in Indonesia. Expatriates have difficulties in learning Indonesian if they do it by autodidact. They do not understand how to start learning bahasa Indonesia by themselves. For those who realize about it choose to study bahasa Indonesia with teachers in order to provide a focused and well learning. Bahasa Indonesia teacher for foreigner does not necessarily give the Indonesian language teaching without thinking about some important things that will support the process of teaching Indonesian language. There are several tips to teach bahasa Indonesia for foreign speaker that will make expatriate able to communicate with bahasa Indonesia in their environment. Teachers need to concern about several things before teaching expatriate such as:

Tips to teach bahasa Indonesia for foreign speaker

  1. Concerning about foreigner purpose in learning Indonesian

Before the foreign speakers, teachers need to pay attention about the main purpose of foreigner learning bahasa Indonesia. The material lesson for students with the travelling purpose would be different from the students with the purpose in studying, working, or becoming a researcher in Indonesia. This first tips to teach bahasa Indonesia for foreign speaker asks teacher to stay concern of recognizing the teaching methods that must be performed refer to the learning purpose of foreigner from various countries and have a language background, age, profession, competence, and different goals.

  1. The difficulty level of material lesson

The second tips to teach bahasa Indonesia for foreign speaker is about differentiating the difficulty level of the material lesson. The lesson for beginner will be different with intermediate and advanced. The very difficult lesson or too easy will impact the student’s motivation in learning bahasa Indonesia. They could be so bored if the lesson is too easy and there are no changes in every meeting, or would be confusion if they get the very difficult lesson. Thus, bahasa Indonesia teachers for foreigner need to pay attention to the level of difficulty in material lesson they prepare.

  1. Various lessons

Teachers must be creative about teaching materials including technical lesson or the method they use. The static lesson will lead to saturation. Variations are performed on the selection of the skill type and themes. For examples in learning conversational skills, teachers not only to train students in the dialogue, but this kind of talk in another topic should be given step by step. The given theme should also vary that suitable to the needs of students.

  1. The context of material lesson

The lessons which is developed should be associated with meaningful context. Therefore, there should be a theme that binds the whole lessons so that the topics given are still related to the main theme. The themes must be adjusted to the students’ ability in getting the meaning of lesson. Giving the lesson context for foreigner will allow teachers to integrate a variety of teaching materials. The tips to teach bahasa Indonesia for foreign speaker will be the best way for teacher in delivering they knowledge about Indonesian.

Tips to teach bahasa Indonesia for foreign speaker

Becoming bahasa Indonesia teachers for foreign speakers require good skills in providing the lesson. The ability of a teacher in delivering bahasa Indonesia will be visible on the ability to communicate in the language they teach. Before deciding to make teach, all teachers must remember about tips to teach bahasa Indonesia for foreign speaker because it will support the learning process. The best teaching performance will rise the good opinion from foreigner about teachers’ skills. If you need more information about tips to teach bahasa Indonesia for foreign speaker, you can contact us by telphone/SMS/WA to number 087885296161/ 081280255466 you can send us message by (SM)


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